Winter Mountain Leader Award - Training Course

The WML (Winter Mountain Leader Award) was established to promote the safe enjoyment of the hills and mountains of the UK during winter conditions.

This 6 – day course, is largely practical and covers all the necessary skills required for leading parties in the mountainous areas of the UK in winter conditions. One night will be spent snow-holing in a high mountain setting. You should ensure that you are fit enough for a full winter week.

Before attending a training course you must first:

  • Hold the ML Summer Award
  • Have logged experience of a minimum of 20 quality winter mountain days.
  • Registered with the Scottish Mountain Leader Training Board  (visit

A typical training course outline will look like this:


Day 1

Snow craft

  • Basic movement skills on snow and ice, including the use of ice axe, kicking and cutting steps, ice axe breaking. The day will also include snow pack evaluation.
  • Evening talk: Avalanche awareness

Day 2

  • Basic skills continued with the introduction of snow belays
  • Evening talk: Winter Navigation

Day 3

Security on steep ground.

  • Construction and use of snow belays in ascent and descent
  • Evening talk: Winter mountain hazards and cold weather injuries

Day 4

Mountain Day.

  • Mountain day allowing further practice of skills in the context of a day journey
  • Evening talk: Expedition preparation

Day 5


  • Party management
  • Route choice
  • Navigation Night Navigation
  • Overnight camp (snowhole)

Day 6

Return from expedition.

  • Debriefs
  • Individual debriefs
  • Course ends approx 4pm Check out of lodge by 10am the following morning (optional)

Course Ratio

The ratio of instructors to participants on this course is 1:6.

Course Price

The cost of this course is £550.00 per person 
including accommodation at Badaguish lodges. (self–catering)

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